About Us

The company offers a diverse and innovative portfolio of property types and styles, each an example of superior living, by regaining supremacy Red Sandalwood cultivation all taken over to suit the highest standards, significantly considering the environment and long term sustainability when developing a site.

Integrity, commitment to excellence, market knowledge and wealth of experience are the company's key attributes to success.

Our promise is to provide value to clients in terms of quality, design, service, support and investment returns.

Investing in Sandalwood Cultivation is a better choice for sustainable living, protecting the environment and encouraging going green concept.

Our commitment is to provide absolute constant customer satisfaction by considering the emotional and practical priorities of the residents right from designing, planning to final finishing touches.

The Uniqueness of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a prized gift which grows only in few countries.Along with Gold and Diamond, it has its own prominence in the plant Kingdom. It is cultivated on any soil and under any climatic conditions.It is used in many industries like

  • Attar industry
  • Perfumery soaps and toiletries
  • Chewing scented tobacco
  • Pan Masala
  • Pharmaceutical applications

This sacred sandalwood is also used in carving along with many religious rituals.

Become a Sandalwood Farmer

Govt. of India are encouraging many investors to own and grow the cultivation and giving subsidies. There is a huge market demand and many are showing interest to buy the market. It is easy to cultivate and the forest department has removed all the restrictions on cultivation.

Increasing Opportunities

As the population for Sandal plant is exhausting because of the indiscriminate destruction of forests, Govt. of india now considering it as a highly endangered species of India. Though there is no permission to grow the plant at home, there is always a demand nationally and internationally.


Sandal trees are grown on all types of soil except marshy land. The sandalwoods trees are harvested on a progressive basis between the ages of 12 to 15 years. If you want to generate regular cash flow, use sandal+amala+horsegraam in a rotational basis.

Financial Analysis

The costs incurred are the total cultivation costs besides the maintenance charges such as

  • Solar fencing
  • Water storage
  • Drip irrigation
  • Security (Men + dog)
  • Electricity
  • Insurance

Return on investment

The farming for the sandalwood is for a long time and a profitable crop. The income can be expected from a tree if well planted, maintained and nourished.

Who We Are

Lahari Projects in Vijayawada,Andhra Pradesh, India. The company has launched its prestigious project Lahari Farm Lands, a Red sandal plantation in the Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Our Vision

To meet the raising demand for Red sandal. To promote research and develop new methods in the cultivation of Red sandal plants. To create awareness in investors of the huge investment potential of plantations

Our Mission

Bring prosperity and happiness to all. Create awareness about Red sandal plants and environment. Encourage green environment and green income. Generate additional income by sale of “carbon credits”


You get 50% share in the returns/profits generated by the Red sandal plantations. Beneficially, you get your 50% with least involvement at any stage of Red sandal farming.



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