Grow Sri Gandham Plants to generate a second source of income. To put it differently, for the employees who are eagerly looking to have a second source of income, this is the best way of investment. 

Sandalwood is a tree which is mainly grown in India and Indonesia with 2.5 m in girth and 8 to 12 inches in height. The bark is grey-brown and has small flowers with many short stalks. This is the most expensive wood in the world, so to gain maximum profit it is better to invest in Sandalwood Cultivation

Many investors look for liquid investment options which cannot be sold or converted into monetary terms immediately. For such persons, investing in sandalwood plantation can be used in emergency times. 

For such reasons, we can consider, investment in Sandalwood plantation is better than gold or silver. There are other reasons also which we can cover in this article. Dwell down till the end and know why sandalwood plantation is a better investment option. 

This is the time to invest in Sandalwood Cultivation  and grow

The demand for Sandalwood Cultivation is increasing annually in countries like Japan, China, India, the US and Taiwan. The reasons behind a steep rise are the price and short supply. According to studies, India in the past only produced 80% of sandalwood oil but bow it has enhanced to 400 tonnes. Countries like Australia are finding its significance and planting in the area of 9,000 hectares. India is not far from this, it has 20,725 hectares of Sandalwood Plantation.  

Governmental permission to Grow Sri Gandham Plants 

The government has now permitted the cultivation of Sri Gandham Plants in their private lands. Many farmers are now inclined to cultivate this royal tree with all the care taken very precautiously. 

After the government has allowed growing Sandalwood in private lands, by giving ownership and selling rights, many are showing interest and demand is rising. Though Sandalwood Cultivation takes 15 years time to harvest the profits are high as this has been used in bathing soaps, fragrance, etc. That is the reason why India is dominating the production of Indian sandalwood industry. Moreover, investment in other portfolios have been very volatile but People can get wealthier as the heartwood is also being used in Indian traditions. 

A sustainable and legal source of Sandalwood Cultivation

There is a need for commercial cultivation to meet the requirements of market demand. Sandalwood farmlands are offering a sustainable source of income and the main potential is sandalwood oil. Demand-To-Supply volatility affects the price as compared to other products. Buyers are also relying on the quality and purity of professionally grown sandalwood products. This way you can ensure to get a stable second source of income as there are strict quality control measures. 

If you’re planning for a second source of income and Grow Sri Gandham Plants, then this is the best time. The best investment strategy you can make is through Lahari. They buy, maintain and work with you all the 15 years to ensure you have maximum profits in future. This makes you think that investing in sandalwood plantation is better than Gold or silver.

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