Sandalwood cultivation- Witnessing a huge growth in the market

Sandalwood Cultivation is witnessing popularity amidst its fragrance and wood materials. This is also known as Sri Gandham Plants or Chandan. Though Sandalwood Farming is expensive, it gives you profits after 13-15 years. From 2002 the government has given permission to have Sandalwood Cultivation in private lands. From then, there is a thriving demand for Sandalwood Farm Lands

Generally, there are two popular varieties Red and White Sandal Plantation (Chandan) which is highly prized commercially. Along with Red Sandalwood Plants, their leaves are also bestowed for animal fodder. 

This tree which grows for 13 to 16 meters height and 100 to 200 cms girth is mainly found in countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Pacific Islands, India, Nepal, Hawaii, Australia, Bangladesh and Pakistan. 

Scientifically this tree is known as Santalum Album and belongs to the tree family of Santalaceae. Sandalwood Plantation occupies a prominent place in Hindu traditions used from the time of birth like cradle ceremony till the time of death i.e, cremation.

Prominent features of Sandalwood Farming

  • This tree is highly prized for its aromatic fragrance. 
  • Sandalwood Plantation is a precious tree used in medicinal properties and for carvings.
  • The oil obtained from Sandalwood Plants is best utilized in cosmetics and aromatherapy.
  • Red and White Sandal Plantation (Chandan) has its demand in the international market also and requires very less maintenance. 
  • It is a highly profitable business in the long-run. 

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Where does Sandalwood Plantation found in India

  • Telangana
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Bihar
  • Karnataka
  • Gujrat
  • Maharastra
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Tamil Nadu

The cost of Sandalwood Plantation

A farmer can grow Sandalwood Plants either through seeds are by bringing baby plants from the private or govt. Nurseries. Be vigilant while purchasing.  Buying Sandalwood Plantation from genuine sources can fetch your profits. 

Contact Lahari and have a safe Sandalwood Plantation Profit. 

The prize of an individual baby pant is around Rs.500 to 1000. 

The MRP for sandalwood per kg is between Rs.3000 to Rs.10,000. 

Health and skin benefits of Sandalwood Plants

  • Get rid of skin inflammation through anti-inflammatory agents from Sri Gandham Plants.
  • Reduce hypertension and stress through Sandalwood Plants oil
  • Prevent Spasms and ageing by using an antiseptic agent
  • Get flawless and bright skin that cures itching and infections
  • Keeps away body odour 
  • Keeps Renal and Kidneys healthy
  • A great tonic for kids that fights viral infection
  • Helps in increasing memory and keeps blood pressure under control

That is the reason it is safe to invest in Sandalwood Farm Land in Vijayawada with Lahari and get the maximum benefits from it.

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